Prof. Dr. Paula Pinto

Prof. Dr. Paula Pinto

"Mindfulness Master Trainer, In-Me"

Master Trainer

Entitled to seal all qualifications.

Paula Pinto

Prof. Dr. Paula Pinto is head of the institute: Paula Pinto.

Online Trainings

Prof. Dr. Paula Pinto is entitled to conduct online trainings.

"Mindfulness Trainer, In-Me"

Has achieved "Mindfulness Trainer, In-Me" at NLP & Coaching Institut Berlin by Karl Nielsen.

"Mindfulness Intensive, In-Me"

Has achieved "Mindfulness Intensive, In-Me" at Joana Sobreiro by Joana Sobreiro.




PhD in Biochemistry, professor and researcher at University for more than 20 years, specialized in the field of nutrition and well-being, with more than 40 published scientific papers. My holistic approach to human well-being and the interest on behavior and mindset change has driven me to become an internationally certified Life Coach, Professional Coaching Trainer, and Mindfulness Master Trainer. I have developed, organized, and facilitated more than 60 courses, workshops, and seminars within the behavioral area, with emphasis on emotional intelligence, coaching, soft skills, and meditation. I provide certification In-Me in Mindfulness and develop personalized programs to improve well-being. 

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