Founding of Institutes for Mindfulness Evolving (In-Me)

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The Association "Institutes for Mindfulness Evolving" (In-Me) was founded on 11 December 2018 in Berlin 

The team for developing the In-Me curricula:

Yvonne van Dyck

Nada Kaiser

Stephanie Konkol

Rebecca Szeto

Petra Owen

Karin Pätze

Fatiha Mabrok

Arline Davis

Angela Bachfeld

Andrea Mills

Karl Nielsen

Christian Hanisch

Bento Augusto da Cunha Santos

Gordan Blagoev

The In-Me Mindfulness qualifications:
1.“Mindfulness Beginner, In-Me”
(at least 4 days / 30 hours)
Day 1: What do I really want in my life?
Day 2: What is my Body telling me?
Day 3: How do I cope with Automatic Negative Thoughts (ANTs)?
Day 4: Future Pace and New Behavior GeneratorThe 30 hours can be as well spread over many evenings. 

2. “Mindfulness Practitioner, In-Me” (+ at least 8 days / 60 hours)
Entry qualification is "Mindfulness Beginners, In-Me"

3. “Mindfulness Master, In-Me” (+ at least 12 days / 90 hours)
Entry qualification is "Mindfulness Practitioner, In-Me"

4. “Mindfulness Coach, In-Me” (+ at least 12 days / 90 hours)
Entry qualification is "Mindfulness Practitioner, In-Me"

5. “Mindfulness Trainer, In-Me” (+ at least 18 days / 120 hours)Entry qualification is "Mindfulness Coach, In-Me"  

Our aims are different for Mindfulness trainings:

  • Development of inner freedom and happiness
  • Awarness of thoughts, feelings, perceptions and behavior
  • Dealing positively with ANTs (Automatic Negative Thougths)
  • Treating yourself and others with loving awareness
  • Being in contact with your heart
  • Friedship between conscious and unconsious
  • Mindfulness for feeling calm, achieving divine flow, feeling compassion, increasing peak performance, decreasing pain.

We use everyday in our mindfulness trainings:

  • relevant guided trance phantasy journeys
  • refreshing yoga style body exercises
  • mindfulness listening to each other in the group without judging
  • Gratefulness/Forgivingness/Empathy… exercises
  • meditative breathing exercises

The courses are structured so that the main emphasis is on experiencing Mindfulness, being Mindful in touch with the other participants, and feeling the group experience and exchange, so that it is easily possible to do our trainings several times.

We use for these aims our special expertise in NLP, Coaching and Hypnosis.

To see the Trainer Notes for the first 4 days "Mindfulness Intensive, In-Me" please login. You can see the Trainer Notes and leave comments if you are a member of IN, ICI, WHO, Constellation or In-Me. For login you need to access this site under the Menu: "About Us / Ressources / Commission / In-Me Curricula" through the association where you are a member.

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