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Barney and Joseph from Singapore

This interview was on We-Evolve.World Facebook on 31 October 2020

Barney Wee was interviewed by Joseph Chng from Singapore

Barney is the head of the Mind Transformations Institute Joseph is the Head Coach.

The Institute is located in Singapore, with branches in Thailand, Mauritius, and Vietnam:

Our Master Trainer Talk #4

The main topics of this interview are how they have been professionalizing Coaching in their training since 2014 through their ICI Coaching Practicum with "DOJO" (place for immersive learning), how they use the NLP methodology for the professional Coaching process, what the required core knowledge and practice for a professional successful Coach, the required flexible MindSet for a Coach, the YUCA success factors of Coaching, and about the personal growth of the Coach during their ICI Coaching certification training.

Please listen to the very high expertise of Barney and Joseph in this interview:

Joseph and Barney explain the importance of daily practice in Coaching expertise over the years by getting into the magical wonder and finesse of the professional Coaching process. For this as a basis training in the NLP methodology is required with personal development and a Positive Psychology orientation. You need professional confidence as a Coach through your successful daily practice of your Coaching expertise. For this, they created the ICI Coaching Practicum "DOJO", which is a place for immersive learning.

Joseph and Barney talk about examples of successful coaching processes through what their Coaches learn in their Coaching certification training in their institute. It needs to be able to go professionally beyond pure logic (IQ) and include as well EQ (emotions), PQ (body wisdom), and SQ (spiritual area). Coaches need special skills for understanding and using body language, asking the right questions, detecting the core motivation of a client, and for managing emotional states. A professional Coach knows in depth the SCORE process, Enneagram, Meta Programs and the Logical Levels alignment.

Please visit Barney Wee and Joseph Chng at the

Mind Transformations Institute

in Singapore, Thailand, Mauritius, and Vietnam.

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