9 Aug. 2020: Introduction in how to offer “Mindfulness, In-Me” trainings

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Karl Nielsen

Karl Nielsen

"Mindfulness Master Trainer, In-Me"

This is for NLP Master Trainers who think about the option  of adding In-Me Mindfulness Trainings in their training offers.  

It was first planned as an optional day for the registered Master Trainers 2 days before the Master Trainer Meeting in August 2020 in Paris

Now it is a training that has already taken place life once and online twice. Here the updated training details: https://in-me.world/trainings/details/karl-nielsen-mindfulness-trainer-in-me-germany-sep-20-2020

If you enjoy yoga, breathing, meditation, body scan, and guided fantasy you can easily enrich all of this with NLP.

We think the world needs more mindfulness in the way people treat themselves and others, for more harmony, peace, and mutual understanding.

NLP has great tools to intensify the usual standard mindfulness training content. Mindfulness and NLP both deal with improving: health and enjoyment of life, understanding and listening to your body, inner peace of mind, to be connected with your true self, living from your source, to enjoy the advantages of being in the here and now, focussing your awareness on the present moment without judging, and to cope with stress in daily life.

The effectiveness of mindfulness has been highly scientifically proven https://goamra.org/resources/reviewsmeta-analysis/ . There is a huge demand for mindfulness in schools, companies, and in all areas of life. NLP and mindfulness enrich each other. NLP connects stronger to its roots and core competencies by including Mindfulness and Mindfulness becomes much more intensive and effective with NLP.

For this new approach of NLP based Mindfulness we founded on 11 December 2018 our new association: “Institutes for Mindfulness Evolving (In-Me)” www.in-me.world

The most famous Mindfulness training is the Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) from Jon Kabat-Zinn (1990). It is about mastering your thoughts and emotions. It uses Meditation and Yoga for improving health, happiness, success... The roots of MBSR are part of the wisdom of 2.500 years old Buddhism. MBSR trainings have significant effects on: Aging, Stress, Brain areas, Clinical Disorders, Eating & Obesity, Emotions, Immune System, Mental Health, Pain, Addiction, Pediatric Health, Work Health…

Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) started in 2000 and built on MBSR from Kabat-Zinn. It is a revolution in Behavioral Therapy.

The Mindfulness in Schools Program (MiSP) started in 2009 and built on MBSR. There are already 3.000+ trained teachers worldwide. https://mindfulnessinschools.orgIn England in 370 schools Mindfulness is now a subject like mathematics or history.

Google started Mindfulness Trainings in 2007 through “Search Inside Yourself” (SIY). They have already trained 50.000+ people in 150+ cities in 50+ countries. In one edition of their book for this training they write in the subtitle: “The Unexpected Path to achieving Success, Happiness (and World Peace)”.

Our new approach of “NLP based Mindfulness” builds on MBSR and adds the expertise of NLP (IN) and Coaching (ICI) for more intensity, fun, and joy with e.g.: NLP Milton Modell (hypnosis), NLP Submodalities (VAK), NLP 1.2.3. Position (dissociation), Mindful Coaching (how to find solutions), Historic dimension (Prof. Clare Graves), Heroes Journey in the way Robert Dilts introduced this in NLP and Coaching.

Our aims with our new NLP based Mindfulness programs are typical for Mindfulness trainings

  • Development of inner freedom and happiness
  • Awareness of thoughts, feelings, perceptions and behavior
  • Dealing positively with ANTs (Automatic Negative Thoughts)
  • Treating yourself and others with loving awareness
  • Being in contact with your heart
  • Friendship between conscious and unconscious
  • Mindfulness for feeling calm, achieving divine flow, feeling compassion, increasing peak performance, decreasing pain.

We use every day in our NLP based Mindfulness trainings:

  • relevant guided trance phantasy journeys
  • refreshing yoga style body exercises
  • mindfulness listening to each other in the group without judging
  • Gratefulness/Forgivingness/Empathy… exercises
  • meditative breathing exercises

Our first level, “Mindfulness Intensive, In-Me”, has at least 30 hours in at least 4 days plus 8 weeks homework of about 1 hour. This is orientated on the Classic MBSR Eight-Week Program where the group meets for 2,5 hours every week for 8 weeks and on one day for 6 hours and everybody has for every day homework for about 30 to 60 minutes. We add to the standard content of breathing, yoga, guided phantasy and meditation in the first day the smart NLP goals technique for exploring the outcome benefits for this training, in the second day the rich wisdom of NLP body language for exploring what the body wants to tell each participant, in the third day the fundamental NLP Meta Model for dealing with ANTs (Automatic Negative Thoughts) and in the fourth day the highly effective NLP New Behavior Generator for stabilizing the new designed everyday practice for the optimal outcome. It is Mindfulness intensified through NLP goals, NLP body language, NLP Meta Model and NLP New Behavior Generator.

Our second level, "Mindfulness Practitoner, In-Me", consists of at least 90 hours in 12 days (60 hrs./8 days + the entrance qualification "Mindfulness Intensive, In-Me"). It is advanced Mindfulness, intensified by the Human Development Stages (HDS) of growing intelligence referring to Prof. Dr. Clare Graves. The Intelligence areas of the first 7 stages are: 1 Body, 2 Spiritual, 3 Emotional, 4 Rational, 5 Creative, 6 Social, 7 Mindful. For us this is as well part of NLP, for the International Association of NLP Institutes has the developmental system of Prof. Dr. Clare Graves in its curriculum for “NLP Trainer, IN”. This second level includes as well the standard Mindfulness content of breathing, yoga, guided phantasy and meditation.

Our third level, "Mindfulness Master, In-Me", consists of 180 hours in 24 days (90 hrs./12 days + the entrance qualification "Mindfulness Practitioner, In-Me"). It is advanced Mindfulness, intensified by the Hero's Journey: 1 Call, 2 Refusal, 3 Crossing, 4 Guardians, 5 Demons, 6 Inner Self, 7 Transformation, 8 Home. This third level includes as well the standard Mindfulness content of breathing, yoga, guided phantasy and meditation.

Our fourth level, "Mindfulness Coach, In-Me", consists of at least 210 hours in 28 days (120 hrs./16 days + the entrance qualification "Mindfulness Practitioner, In-Me"). It is about how to coach with Mindfulness.

Our fifth level, "Mindfulness Trainer, In-Me", consists of at least 430 hours in 58 days (130 hrs./18 days + the entrance qualifications "Mindfulness Master, In-Me" and “Mindfulness Coach, In-Me”). A 130 hours in 18 days "NLP Trainer, IN” training can be accepted as comparable to a “Mindfulness Trainer, In-Me” training. It is about how to teach Mindfulness.

We used Mindfulness in the last days of a NLP Trainer Training in March 2019 as example for how to teach new content, at our world congresses in March 2019 in Tunisia https://www.nlp-institutes.net/sources/projects/world-congress-tunisia-march-2019  and in October 2019 in Brazil https://www.nlp-institutes.net/congress/2019-brazil , and in a 4 days training for 35 “NLP Trainer, IN” in October 2019 who wanted to become “Mindfulness Master Trainer, In-Me”. If you are interested, you may see our presentation of NLP and Coaching based Mindfulness at our 6th World Congress in Sao Paulo in the video at the beginning of this article.

We use for these aims our special expertise in NLP, Coaching and Hypnosis. If you are an experienced NLP Master Trainer and enjoy yoga, breathing, meditation, body scan, and guided fantasy you can easily enrich all of this with NLP and advance to a “Mindfulness Master Trainer, In-Me”. For more info please go to our website: www.in-me.world

Integrating NLP in Mindfulness has as well the potential to open new doors for NLP in business and in education.

We think the world needs more mindfulness in the way people treat themselves and others, for more harmony, peace, and mutual understanding.

Therefore we highly recommend that you integrate our Mindfulness trainings in the training offers at your instiute.

The next English online training for "NLP Trainer, IN" to become "Mindfulness Master Trainer, In-Me" is now very flexible, whenever 3 to 7 participants find together.              Here the training detailshttps://in-me.world/trainings/details/karl-nielsen-mindfulness-trainer-in-me-germany-sep-20-2020

A 5 days online training in Portuguese for "NLP Trainer, IN" to become "Mindfulness Master Trainer, In-Me" will be conducted by Arline Davis and scheduled soon.

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