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! Only the appointment commission of the In-Me can award this level !

Only those appointed by the In-Me as "Mindfulness Master Trainer, In-Me" have the right to use the In-Me seal. "Mindfulness Master Trainer, In-Me" are either leaders of an In-Me member institute or additional trainers at an In-Me member institute, in whose name they may use the seal. By being appointed as "Mindfulness Master Trainer, In-Me", they can issue a certificate with an In-Me seal (sticker with a number on the In-Me logo) to the participants of their trainings. Here you will find the complete list of "Mindfulness Master Trainer, In-Me".

122 days of training experience (910 hrs)

Entitled to seal "Mindfulness Master Trainer, In-Me":

The minimum requirement for an In-Me appointment is 122 days of training experience. This appointment can be as a "Mindfulness Master Trainer, In-Me" collaborating with an established In-Me member institute during the first 7 standard mindfulness trainings (12 days "Mindfulness Practitioner, In-Me") and having the seal entitlement, or as an additional "Mindfulness Master Trainer, In-Me" at an In-Me member institute.

Leader of an experienced In-Me member institute:

A person can be appointed as the leader of an experienced In-Me member institute if they have already conducted at least seven "Mindfulness Practitioner, In-Me" trainings (or comparable trainings) each lasting 12 days, with at least 80% of the training conducted by them. In addition, they must be able to prove the experiences listed in the figure.

Here you will find all the details:

Every "Mindfulness Master Trainer, In-Me" is part of an In-Me member institute, either as a leader or as an additional trainer. The In-Me member institute has its own profile, which is created when appointing the "Mindfulness Master Trainer, In-Me". To be appointed as a "Mindfulness Master Trainer, In-Me", you must provide evidence that you meet the requirements for this position.

For your appointment as "Mindfulness Master Trainer, In-Me" we need your resume as well as an overview of the seminars you have conducted. We also need the signed contract between you and the In-Me. Here you will find the contract for "Mindfulness Master Trainer, In-Me".
Alternatively, you can find support in our pilot project No. 2: Assistance Alternatives with active conducting of basic trainings


The easiest way is to get confirmation from the In-Me president of your country that you meet the requirements for a "Mindfulness Master Trainer, In-Me".

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If there is no In-Me president in your country, a "Mindfulness Master Trainer, In-Me" can also confirm your qualifications.

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