"Mindfulness Teacher, In-Me" Training

"Mindfulness Teacher, In-Me" Training

This Mindfulness Teacher Training is for Mindfulness experts with a lot of Mindfulness experience who would like to qualify themselves for offering Mindfulness trainings as seal entitled "Mindfulness Master Trainer, In-Me".
You can start on any day.

The entrance qualifications are:
Bachelor degree in Social Science or comparable life experience

2. plus a "Mindfulness Basic, In-Me" or "Mindful Intensive, In-Me" qualification (or comparable)
3. plus a Mindfulness Training Proposal (see below)

It is a very flexible project and coaching based Online Trainer Training with Zoom and the e-learning platform Moodle.
Main topics are how to conduct our qualification: "Mindfulness Intensive, In-Me" or "Mindfulness Basic, In-Me" and how to reach your target group.
The training comprises of at least 20 hours feedback/supervision (Zoom), plus 60 hours non-interactive online training (Moodle), plus 120 hours homework (Training Concept, audios, videos, marketing).
For conducting our qualification "Mindful Human, In-Me" a separate Mindfulness Training Concept is required.
For conducting our qualification "Mindful Hero, In-Me" a separate Mindfulness Training Concept is required.

You work during this Mindfulness Trainer Training on your training concept for your target group, plan your marketing for your target group, produce audios (e.g. following your breath, body scan, guided fantasy) and videos (e.g. yoga instructions) of the exercises that your future participants can use during their 8 weeks training. Coaching is part of all steps of this project and included in the training price.

All required exercises for conducting a "Mindfulness Basic, In-Me" or "Mindfulness Intensive, In-Me" qualification are listed in the curricula and intensively discussed in the e-learning Moodle Platform that we use. In Moodle we provide Trainer Notes for these exercises. They are, e.g.: following consciously your breath, body scan, easy yoga, walking meditation, guided fantasy - just like in the standard MBSR training from Jon Kabat-Zinn that is described in his book: “Full Catastrophe Living”.
Required materials are the book from Jon Kabat-Zinn: “Full Catastrophe Living”. Everything else is in our e-learning platform Moodle.

The training ends with the certificate "Mindfulness Teacher, In-Me". With this it is possible to apply for an appointment as seal entitled "Mindfulness Master Trainer, In-Me".

Please apply at Mindfulness@IN-ICI.net with:
1. your Bachelor degree in Social Science (or comparable life experience)
2. your CV and your experience with Mindfulness
3. your Mindfulness Training Proposal

Typical areas that should be covered in a Training Proposal are:
1. Why do you think Mindfulness is important in general in this world?
2. What is your planned special approach for what target group with what aim?
3. What would be the preferred measurable outcome for you of this Mindfulness Teacher course?
4. What do you know about Mindfulness already? (e.g.: Articles, Books, Research Findings)
5. Where do you see the limitations of Mindfulness trainings?
6. What future development do you see in Mindfulness?
7. What are your Marketing ideas? Which have you already tried with what successes?

More details: https://in-me.world/news/training-for-offering-mindfulness-online


Here my presentation about Mindfulness at the World Congress in Brazil

Here experiences from participants from the last trainings:

Katarina Pavliša, QUANTUM ZONA, www.quantumzona.com
"Mindfulness Trainer online training was amazing personal growth and international experience. It was very useful to hear and share different perspectives, ideas and experiences from all over the world. And with Karl's huge support, positive spirit, flexibility and open communication, it was really motivating to start spreading and teaching Mindfulness immediately. I would recommend it to everyone who has any meditation experience and thinking to contribute in society in the field of mental health.
Many thanks to Karl, it was very inspiring journey!"  

Lumi Raz, Raz Institute Israel, www.SocialPanorama.co.il
IN-Me and Society for Mental Space Psychology Ambassador of Israel
"The In-Me Mindfulness Trainer Online Course was an opportunity to be part of an international group of minded trainers all over the globe to enrich ourselves with different ideas, perspectives, support and inspire each other. The course platform Moodle is great structured and Karl is offering Life-Time rich Mindfulness Content available for the participants, along with precious help on implementing it immediately.
Karl Nielsen gave us continuously Huge Support and Motivation on developing our Mindfulness courses with our personal touch and combining all the content in such a way that we can start spreading Mindfulness and let our heart sing!
I would Highly Recommend the course to anyone who would like to let Mindfulness impact him or her personally and professionally.
Many, many thanks to Karl for his kindness and support all the way, looking forward to continue our journey together."

Tatjana Šokčić, HR Centar, www.hrcentar.rs
"I had the honor to participate in the first certification training for mindfulness NLP trainers. This was a revealing, transformational experience shared with great group of trainers. I have learned so much, not only how to create a perfect harmony of NLP and mindfulness for our participants, but also how we grew as a group and individuals sharing and caring through that experience. Our wonderful mentor Karl Nielsen has led us though this journey smoothly, giving devotion, love and support in every step of the way. It was such a privilege to learn from him, while sensing these wonderful emotions.
I would recommend this training with Karl to any NLP trainer who wishes to grow personally, whether they intend to provide mindfulness trainings to their participants or not!"

Gordan Blagoev, OO-Institute
"For the past 2 months (May/June 2020), I have had the honor of participating in and finishing training for the Mindfulness Trainer. It was an exceptional experience to learn from Karl Nielsen because his teaching of knowledge is something special. The international group was phenomenal, and Karl led us as if we had known each other forever. One wonderful experience, and my recommendation to every Trainer."


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