NLP & Mindfulness

At this Indian Confex conference there are 6 speakers from our associations: Robert Dilts , Dr. Lucas Derks, Lumi Raz, Dr. Bruce Grimley, Arline Davis, and Karl Nielsen.

If you plan to go there you are welcome to use the 75% discount code from Karl: “KARL99”.

Robert Dilts presents: Strategies of Genius in Business

Dr. Lucas Derks presents: The Social Panorama as a tool in business communication

Lumi Raz presents: Improving your business by improving team relationships

Dr. Bruce Grimley presents: Managing Stress Using 7C’s Model in Modern Corporate World

Arline Davis presents: 5 Ways to Make Your Feedback Work

Karl Nielsen presents: Mindfulness intensified by NLP

Mindfulness trainings are offered by big international companies like Appel, Nike, Microsoft, Deutsche Bank... for their employees. They reduce stress and enhance well-being, positive mood, workplace performance, resilience, cognitive flexibility and much more.

The founders of NLP intensified the work of Bateson, Perls, Satir, and Erickson by creating easy to follow exercises. In this tradition, I have intensified Mindfulness qualification trainings with success elements from NLP like: SMARTe goals, body language, NLP Meta-Model, New Behavior Generator, NLP Human Development Stages, and the NLP Hero’s Journey.

For these Mindfulness qualification trainings, we founded the association: “Institutes for Mindfulness Evolving” (In-Me):

Please enjoy with me an introduction in Mindfulness intensified by NLP. We will cover theory and practice. You can experience exercises that connect you with the spirit of your true inner being.

All 30 speakers of the conference are here:

Last updated on 2021-11-04