IN ICI WHO World Congress in Paris 2017: First 6 videos

World Congress in Paris

The focus of this world congress was hypnosis, viewed from numerous perspectives by competent users. They report from their practice, the lessons they have learned and the wealth of hypnotic applications they have experienced in their practice.

Take your time and enjoy one and the other video of the recorded lectures. You will experience how extensively hypnosis is present in your everyday life. Not only will you be hypnotized, you will also hypnotize, often without being aware of it.

If hypnosis is so common in our lives, the wisest thing to do is to get to know it and see when you are influenced by it, how you can use it responsibly and as well how exciting it can be. Let yourself be inspired!


Prof./UCN Dr. Christian Hanisch: The Method EmotionSync
"The brain is primarily electrically controlled and only secondary chemical.
Traumatisation are stored via an electrical field in the synapses as in a capacitor."


Jörg Fuhrmann: Inner-Team-Focusing®
"Awarenessbased DeHypnosis and Inner-Focusing (ITF) has been developed by Jörg Fuhrmann
as a holistic approach that is based on contemplative mindfulness
and selectively incorporates the wisdom of the body with the inner trance work."


Dr. Lucas Derks:  Treat The Moderate Depression, In One Session Of Hypnotherapy
"This method, named Depression in Awereness Space (DAS) is a recently developed sequence
of interventions that can be executed within the time frame of one single."


Dr. Brian Cullen: The Use Of Milton Model In Education
"This presentation examine the use of Ericksonian language patterns in educational settings."


Dr. Thierry Gallopin: PNL, Hypnose Et Neurosciences
"NLP relies on our brains´s ability to change and to adapt mental programs.
Those processes involve complex neural mechanisms, in which modern neuroscience is exploring."


Philippe Vernois: Mouvements Oculaires Et Repatterning
"This presentation explains you an extremely powerful
therapeutic tool taken from the DNR toolbox (Deep Neural Repatterning)."


Virginie Vernois & Valérie Roumanoff: Hypnose Pour Les Adolescents Dans La Peau Du Samourai
"Hypnosis, as a whole, is an integral part of the child´s universe.
A child likes dreaming, imagining and pretending."


Gregoire de Lasteyrie: Hypnose Hyperemperia
"Hyperempiria, created by Gibbons during the 70´s, is the actual opposite of hypnosis,
in terms of suggestion that are used to bring an altered state."


Frank Platzek: La Puissance De L’Hypnose Ericsonnienne Face Aux Ressistance
"Most of our clients are afraid of the change and can resist, one way or another, the establishment
of a relationship of trust, "the rapport" is essential, and will already bring down resistance."



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